Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Believe Chalkboard Decor

Take a look into my house, specifically my dining nook! Here I created a little display on a wall shelf using some handmade items. A believe banner, some ball jar snow globes and a decorated chalkboard.

While the banner and snow globes are super cute, I really want to share this festive chalkboard with you! To decorate it I used pieces from the My Crush Holiday Happenings assortment and badge buttons. I mixed some of our family pictures with the big cards, small cards and envelopes. I even turned the badge buttons into magnets as this board is not only for chalk, but magnetic as well!

Making the magnets was ridiculously easy! The adorable buttons already have adhesive on the back. I simply stuck them to these magnets that I picked at Walmart. I was a little leery of the adhesive and thought it might need reinforcement, but so far so good! No lost buttons lying on the floor beneath the shelf!

Here is a close up of the snowflake button with a large card, a small card and a picture of two cutie pies!

My Crush Holiday Happenings assortment and badge buttons do not need to be used as suggested in the Idea Book. Use them on a chalkboard, a scrapbooking page, incorporate them to make a banner or cards! Next, I will show you how I incorporated them in a brand new mini Kraft book available in the new Seasonal Expressions 1 book!

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