Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings

Here is a little gift I created for some dear friends of ours that we met last year. They are always so gracious and generous. They have a large family and welcome others to their home so often. Recently they held a gathering in their home and I wanted to bring something special to them as a hostess gift. I thought that this banner with "blessings" on it was perfect for Thanksgiving. It happens to match their license plates as well! They appreciated it very much, but I figure its the least I can do for such a giving family. They represent what this season is all about, giving to others.


Leslie said...

This is beautiful. I think I may lift this and make a Christmas Blessings. I hope you don't mind

Sarah said...

This is SO beautiful! They must have been thrilled.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.