Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year Hike Layout

One very common resolution is to get healthy, eat better and exercise more! We started our year with this resolution in mind by taking a family hike through the beautiful desert and red rock landscape.

Another resolution for me personally is to scrapbook in a more 'timely' manner. I usually start every year with good intentions and stay caught up until summer vacation. That's when we travel and I come back with 200 or so photo's! I get a bit overwhelmed and before you know it we are heading back to school, holidays and those fall sports and hobbies that take up the weekends.

As I try to complete my 2011 album still, I'm attempting to stay current on my 2012 album. I pulled out some older papers for these photo's from our hike. They work well with the gorgeous red rocks and blue skies, making sure not to take away from the focus. Another product I used for the first time is the Make-it-Count Irresistibles Numbers. These were introduced for the first time in the Fall/Winter Idea book, but will also be available in the new Spring Book page 129. I'm a big fan of all the Irresistibles products and these are no exception. They are so simple to use, simply add whatever color ink you want and adhere to your project. In addition to the numbers they added new Persnickety Journaling Spots. You will see these soon on an upcoming project!

See how fabulous these Irresistibles Numbers look!

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Laurel said...

This is gorgeous! I got your email Amy, but somehow I can't find it now. You are very sweet!