Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Treats

Yesterday you got to see some tricks! Now let's have some treats!!

This first idea came from Pinterest! I have made little S'mores packages before with just plain marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers. This is the same idea with a Halloween twist on it. I can remember when Peeps was just an Easter treat with chicks. These sugar coated marshmallows are now seen for Valentines day, Halloween and Christmas.

I wish I designed this Peeps cake. How cool is it with purple and green fondant. Check out all the ghosts and pumpkins in the scene!

{photo from}

Are you a Peeps fan? Do you like them fresh or do you prefer to open them and let them get stale? What holiday character would you come up with?

So while I don't do fondant, I know how to make a bundt cake....then butcher it!!!!!!!

I actually let my daughter and her friend "butcher" the cake after I spread the buttercream icing. They had fun making pools of glittery blood and then stabbing it with little candy butcher knives! The Devil's Food cake was delicious and oh, so moist!

What treats are you making for Halloween?

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