Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Tricks

Oh my goodness!! Halloween is almost here! Are you getting into your haunted spirit? We have been delighting in some seasonal fun all month long. This past weekend we really got some good scares at a haunted ghost town.

Today I'm sharing some of the Halloween Tricks we've been up to. Tomorrow I will share some treats!

My daughter has been begging to paint a little pumpkin. A friend of hers joined in on the fun. Her friend made a creepy Zombie pumpkin that was pretty cool, {sorry no pictures of the finished pumpkin} while my daughter made an adorable 3-eyed monster. Turquoise colored of course, because that's the 'cool' fashion color for Fall!


Next a simple project I came up with for the preschool kiddo's I teach on Wednesdays. Not every project can be super detailed like my mini albums, but I can incorporate some Cricut cuts still. They will string some yarn through the paper plate holes creating a web. Then they will assemble a wiggly eyed spider with furry, bendy legs. An easy, not too scary and cute project to take home!

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