Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sarita Card Workshop

One of my "go to" Close To My Heart products are the instructional how-to books. We have some for just scrapbooking, some for cards and the most recent books combines both of these. I opened the Wishes book the other day for some card ideas. {This is a book for just card making.} Browsing the pages I re-discovered some of the card workshops contained within the book. These are fantastic, because it gives you directions in cutting a few pieces of cardstock and only one design paper to create several cards! In this case 16 of them!

I chose to use the Sarita papers. It is such a lovely paper with cool patterns on both sides and vibrant colors. With this workshop you create 16 cards, however it is only 8 designs. As you can see I flipped my papers and chose all sorts of different sentiments and stamped images to make each and everyone unique! How many stamp sets did I use all together? Your guess is as good as mine! I was just having fun creating and in the end I had a pile of stamps on the floor next to my chair!! {ha ha}

Do you send several cards for Christmas? This workshop would be perfect for making a lot of cards in a minimal amount of time using just a little bit of supply!

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