Monday, January 12, 2015

January Crate Card Club

This past weekend I held by Crate Card Club. I had a total of 5 participants, including myself and as always we each brought a different idea to the table. With Valentine's Day next month we had a few cards in a "love" theme, but then the other cards varied in occasions!

To start I am sharing my own card. I went with the Valentine them, but this card "popped" with a different twist on it! My customers have been asking lots of questions about the Artfully Sent cartridge so I wanted to give them an example.

Love Bug~

Pretty simple card from with some heart embossing and that "awesome" You're the Bomb stamp set!

Then you open and the fun pops out inside! A super cute "love bug" with glitter headlights greets you inside!

Elegant Country Tree~

Fabulous Feathers~

Lovely Love~

Happy Tags Birthday~

This club is really turning out to be lots of fun. I love seeing the ideas and getting to be the student again! I wonder what you'll do next month?!

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