Thursday, March 26, 2009

Many Thanks

So my husband and I have been busy for the past month and a half planning a chili cook-off for our church. We held it this past Saturday and needless to say all our hard work paid off. It was a great event and we received many positive comments from several people. There was plenty involved in planning the event, but it would not have been such a success without all the help from several volunteers. And so, that led me to creating many "Thank you" cards for all that helped. Here is what I created: The majority were made for my "chili cookers" and just a few for those that assisted with baked goods {hence the cupcake} and providing beverages. Not a whole lot of detail or embellishing, yet still homemade and filled with a huge amount of gratitude!

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Sarah said...

Those are great thank yous! That is a ton of cards to make. I love the grill ones.