Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Discovery!

This is amazing. As the weather gets warmer {a sure sign of spring} my children discover mother nature's beauty. The kids head out to play every afternoon, I'm already busy pulling weeds and tending to newly budding plants. My husband has mowed the grass for the first time this year {thank goodness he was able to start the mower after sitting idle all winter} it looked like a hay field. Our beagle is also happy with the change of season, her naps in the sunshine are extra long these afternoons.
For the last couple of days though our beloved beagle has been barking non-stop at one of the trees in the backyard. My son decided to investigate. He was quite taken by surprise when a bird flew in his direction, darting from the tree. Upon careful and cautious investigation he discovered a tiny birds nest nestled in the upper branches. I took a moment when momma bird was away {probably eating dinner} to snap these pictures. The nest is amazingly intricate and the 5 little blue speckled eggs are just delicately darling. I will keep an eye on the nest and eggs and keep you updated.

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