Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Nest

A few months ago I reported our discovery of a bird's nest with tiny blue eggs inside. Unfortunately, a gust a wind destroyed the nest and the eggs inside.
I am happy to report that a new nest has been discovered in the backyard. I will add that it is in the oddest of places too!

One morning I noticed some birds swooping in and out of the posts that support our above ground pool. A couple days passed and I continued to see them visit these posts. I really thought nothing of it and certainly would not believe that a bird could fit into the tiny opening.

Then our observant Beagle caught on to the invasion of her backyard. She started to paw the side of the pool and yelp at them. My husband and I decided we should investigate this further. Inside of two posts there were pieces of scraps and debris, but on the third post there was a beautiful little nest with four eggs inside. We decided to leave it alone and keep an eye on it.

These birds have outsmarted the weather, this was certainly a protected place.
I am happy to report that the eggs have hatched. Peeking through the crack we can see little feathery heads. I would love to catch a picture of the babies, but would not want to upset momma bird. What a cool experience for my kids, especially my daughter who just loves to check them out a couple times a day!


Sarah said...

How cool! Our swallows are busy feeding their little ones..we haven't seen them yet but they are in such a tricky place.

Christina said...

Wow, that is super cool! Love the pool too!