Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Chocolate

So it's my sisters Birthday today {her and Abe} and this is the card I made her. We are both huge fans of chocolate and I know that she would want nothing more than some delicious chocolate on her B~day! She does not live in the same town as me, so I had to send her just a bit of chocolate to hold her over until her next visit. Hopefully on the next visit she can indulge in some of her favorite goodies I create. She loves my chocolate drop cookies and cakes, but nothing is more decadent than my flourless chocolate cake with ganache and raspberries on top!! Yummy!

Here is the card done with the Topstitch papers and the Piece of Cake stamp set.

This card actually has several layers giving it great dimension!

The buttons were all strung together on a single piece of hemp, then glue-dotted to the card.

Inside the envelope I was able to stick this candy bar also wrapped in Topstitch papers. The frame stamp is from January's stamp of the month; True Friends. The stamped heart is from Star Power and the sentiment is from Love of my Life. I was so glad to hear that it made it to her in one piece. I was worried that someone might get a whiff of the chocolate and steal it! Ha, Ha Ha!

I suppose I've been on a chocolate bar wrapping frenzy. Here are some more I did for my daughter's school leadership group. They get together every few months just to celebrate some of the members birthdays. It's a small contribution on my part, but I think the kids enjoy them.

All this talk about chocolate, Valentine's day must be near!! Last night I made one of my favorite chocolate treats; chocolate covered strawberries. Sweet juicy berries covered in dark delicious chocolate makes me very happy.
What is your favorite dessert to eat on Valentine's day? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear about it!

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Puddle Jumpers Studio said...

your card and gift would have been a huge hit in this house. We are chocolate lovers here and don't have any prejudges against which kind or flavor. LOL
I adore the dimension to your card. Love the side pictures. Great detail.
True inspiration to a new card maker like me.
Valentines treats were always Chocolate Malts icecream shop. When we were snowed in it was hot cocoa and cookies.