Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilted {a "R" t} with Sophia

My daughter picked out this great big "R" some time ago to decorate her room. It sat in a closet for awhile until we decided on the perfect papers that we wanted to finish it with. When the new Spring Idea Book arrived we knew right away that the Sophia papers were perfect. My daughter's favorite color is lime green and the polka dot papers in this kit were "spot" on! The pinks, yellows and patterns were also exactly what she wanted.


As you can see here on the finished project I decided on a quilted pattern. Having the 3x3 squares placed on a diagonal presented quite the challenge, especially on the curved portion of the "R". After adhering all the paper pieces on the front and sides I used Mod Podge to seal them in place. Once the Mod Podge sealed it really made the paper appear to look like fabric.

You can really see how large it is here as she poses with it!

Here it is on her headboard. Eventually we want to get more "R"s of various sizes and styles and decorate an entire wall in her room!

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