Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Dad's Day!

This ones for you Dad!

This big comfy chair stamp had Dad written all over it! Why? Because in his plush recliner is where I could usually find him. After working all day this is where he would usually end up.

I can remember evenings of him watching Jeopardy and being able to answer most the questions before the contestants on the show. If my brother or I wanted something he would make us answer the questions too. The one with the most points wins... it was usually me!!

He often enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream after dinner in his chair. He taught me how to pour just a little bit of milk over creamy chocolate ice cream to create a tasty icy dome on top. Very yummy!

My Dad is a cat person, therefore it was not unusual to see one of his feline friends curled up on his lap.

At Christmas time he would sit on the edge of the seat while we opened gifts. I can remember waiting to see him open what I got him or made for him hoping that he would like it. He was my art teacher in Junior High so it made me very proud when he genuinely liked my artwork!

In my teen years when our parents went out on a date, it was a battle between my brother and I to sit in his chair. For just a few hours we got to feel the power of the recliner, to be in control, it was awesome!

Soon after I married and had my first child. When I visited my Dad he would sit in his chair and hold his first grandchild in his arms. He would stare at my sons little face and predict what kind of man he would become, how tall he would be and give him silly nicknames.

Funny how just a chair can give you a lifetime of memories! He has moved to another state and I have not yet been able to visit, to see his home where he now lives. I can only close my eyes and imagine him sitting in his recliner, with a cat on his lap, watching baseball or Jeopardy. I am certain of that!

Happy Father's Day Dad! Relax and Enjoy you day!

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