Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Reading Chart

I've struggled every summer to find ways to get my kids to read. They are not big fans of reading and don't want summer break to feel like school! So this year I've come up with a reading chart.

It's made from a cookie sheet, bottle caps and some fabulous Close To My Heart papers and embellishments. Here is what the chart looks like before they start reading. The bottle caps are magnetized to the side handles of the sheet. Once they read for 20 minutes they get to move their bottle cap into the space under their name.

Here you can see that the bottle caps have been moved. I had each child write a list of rewards they would like to receive once reaching their goals. {total of 5 bottle caps must be on the board for the reward} They range from a pack of gum, candy, soda or an energy drink.

My son mostly enjoys reading on the Internet. He is always interested in different countries or does research on military and guns. My daughter has enjoyed reading some older favorite books. She cracks me up though. She loves to hula~hoop while she reads! She can exercise her body and her brain, BRILLIANT!

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