Saturday, February 8, 2014

Base & Bling Necklaces

One of my favorite new products this Spring are the new Base & Bling necklace craft pieces. Wearable art is all the rage these days. I love that you can create something for yourself or a loved one that is simply unique and personalized! Here are a few I did to show at my Open House.

This first necklace represents my nickname given to me by my parents; 'Birdie' is what they would call me! I used a bird cage image from the style sheets and added the silver bird and feather charms.

Monograms are the perfect way to personalize a jewelry piece. On this one I chose a flashy and fun chevron image in bright colors. Before adding it to the pendant base I used an older black rub-on letter 'A'. I added the scissors and another charm of my own, a mustard seed given to me by my sister.


You can make these all your own, the possibilities are endless. To see all the style sheets and charms look in the latest Idea Book pages 80 & 81 or go online here.

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