Friday, February 14, 2014

My Foxy Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day Bloggers! I hope you got to show those special people in your life how much you love them.

I started my day off in a Kindergarten room where the kids were wildly excited to pass out their yummy treats and hand written Valentine's. Then off to see some second graders do the same while the teacher was hopeful to get them re~focused to begin their math lesson. {good luck with that!} Fifth graders were hard at work, but still anxious to celebrate. A couple of girls came to the conclusion that this would be the last year they get to exchange Valentine's. They seemed disappointed about that and not exactly looking forward to starting Middle School. I re-assured them that when they get older and enter Middle School and High School they get to attend dances with boys they like and before they know it they will be driving to school! That made them grin and giggle!

All the fun festivities at school made me anxious to get home and start my Valentine gifts for my very special someone's! I made some delicious desserts for tonight and a hand made Valentine for my Husband, Son & Daughter. I of course had to use the adorable Stamp of the Month and Lollydoodle papers!

You still have time to get this stamp set at a discounted price, order here. Be sure to add the darling Lollydoodle papers too!

Show some love today!!

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