Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My First "She Art"

I have seen various "She Art" projects floating around the internet. I saw them posted on Pinterest and some Blogs which made me curious and even found some You Tube videos showing how to create them. I was pleasantly surprised to find some Julie Nutting stamps at Hobby Lobby and purchased some canvas and Mod Podge along with them. Even with the materials at hand and lots of researching I was still nervous to try my hand at this type of art project! So everything sat there in my craft room for a couple of weeks.

Then, last Friday I said, "What the heck, just try it, it's only paper and glue!" I had so much fun just 'building' the girl and piecing together an assortment of patterned papers. In the end it may not have been perfect, but it was freeing, and fun, and sort of addicting!

So here is my very first "She Art" or should I say She Heart!

My papers are from new & old collections like For always, Heartstrings, Frosted and La Bel Vie.

I love the idea of choosing a quote or sentiment that really means something to you. This is the one I chose for this first project, it just kept ringing in my head and my heart that day.

At first I was super nervous to free hand all of the outline, not sure if it would just look messy. After a few strokes it became relaxing and even a bit meditative! I even squiggled some curls in her hair!

Besides piecing paper and doodling an outline, I also stamped a sentiment of love and left a flower popped up off the canvas. I simply sealed some mod podge on the surface, but as you can see in the photo it is not completely glued down to the canvas. I love that there are no strict or confining rules. What a great way to use left over pieces of paper too. I have so many ideas for more She Art!

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