Monday, May 25, 2015

The Wedding Planner!

I wear many hats in my life, as several of us mother's do! Lately, I got to try a whole new, completely different hat. I was asked by my co-worker and friend to decorate and coordinate her wedding. I was thrilled to take on the challenge!

The wedding took place this past Saturday night. I'm happy to say that it all came together beautifully!

Me and the beautiful bride~

She knew her colors and I got a sense for what the couple wanted. I took a look at the venue and knew right away that I had a challenge! I pulled some inspiration from the venue, a local winery, and from Pinterest of course! With the large open space I wanted to create little areas to break it up. I also put a little bit of handmade love throughout.

Just as guests entered the room, they could drop off any cards or gifts they had for the couple. The bride found these lighted cherry trees and I was able to borrow a few old wine barrels from a friend.

When I was shopping for something to hold the cards I was not happy with the choices and especially not the price tag! I found this paper mache trunk at Hobby Lobby on sale for around $7. I painted it myself and mod podged some CTMH paper inside. I created the little banner using some Cricut cuts, twine and mini clothes pins. I'm glad I didn't just purchase an ordinary item. Plus, the couple now has a great little keepsake!

Another area I created was an idea for guests to leave the couple a message to be read on their anniversary!

In order to break up the large white wall behind the bride and grooms table I created a false wall. My first idea was to drape fabrics on a PVC frame. After talking to my hair stylist about my latest project she suggested these metal screens she had laying around. They were unique and a little weathered. I loved them and wanted to dress them up. I scalloped some satin fabric and attached it to the frame with some wrapped flowers. Then we strung some white lights through the panels.

Here is how the table looked after the flowers were delivered and the lights dimmed.

I found some images on the internet of cake tables and knew right away I wanted to light the underside. The couple loved this idea too! After much pondering on how to pull it off, I finally came up with some tulle and a purple satin sash. It was lovely and so was the cake finished with some pale green & white fresh orchids.

Looking across the finished room~

 Not too bad for my first wedding planning!

I would love to share with you the card and special gift I made for the couple too. Come back soon!

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Becca-expressions said...

Lovely! What a fun way to stretch your creativity.