Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Adventure with Mini State Stamps

Have you seen the M-sized state stamps in the new Idea Book. You can find a couple examples on page103, however you can see all of the United States and the Canadian provinces and territories online. I knew immediately which states I wanted to collect first and what I would use them for!

Our family embarked on a pretty epic vacation this Summer! We traveled through three states making multiple destinations. This was also the furthest North we have ever traveled on the West coast. At the end of our almost 4 week adventure I brought back plenty of photographs to fill an entire album. From the moment I saw the new state stamps in the Idea Book I knew exactly how I wanted to design the introduction layout.

 This layout will be at the start of our Summer Vacation album. It really introduces the journey showing where we started and giving just a glimpse of the entire trip to the last destination.

I also used lots of brand new Artistry Cricut cuts which were a ton of fun to cut and add into the layout!

Just look at those cute little state stamps!

 Here is a collage of some close-ups of the stamped images throughout the layout!

 Now those adorable mini-stamps can all be contained in the mini organizer! This newest organizer is found on page 155 in the Annual Inspirations. It holds up to 28 My Acrylix M-size stamp sets or use it for those smaller embellishment packages, they fit great in here too!

I had a customer tell me that she wanted to collect all 50 of the United States stamps and if she got anything for such a purchase. Well I suppose if you got all 50, I would have to throw in a mini stamp organizer for free!!

What would you use these mini state stamps for?!! See them all online here.

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