Friday, October 23, 2015

She Is Extraordinary!

I made this "She Art" inspired card for my big Sis! She is officially retired today and I am so happy for her! She has put in years of dedication to her profession and I admire her strength and commitment. As this chapter in her life closes, I'm convinced that the next chapter for her will be extraordinary.

My older sister enjoys my handmade cards and especially cherishes the scrapbook pages I have created for her. My medium is definitely paper, but her craft is undoubtedly with fabrics. She is an extremely talented quilter and experiments with all sorts of fabric crafts. We love comparing how much the paper arts and fabric arts transition into each other often. Recently she shared a magazine with me that featured She Art using fabric and stitching. I showed her the canvas and paper She Art that I have created. So when I was making a card to congratulate her on retirement, I thought it would be fun to incorporate some She Art.

I used a Julie Nutting stamp to create the "She". Then I pulled in all sorts of mixed papers, washi tape, vellum and chipboard complements. I hope she likes her She Art card! I also wish her all the best in her future. I hope she gets to do something she truly loves and finds rewarding, especially since now she won't have such a highly demanding full-time job! Yeah Sis!!

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