Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween Decor

I'm a big fan of Halloween. As a child I can remember looking forward to dressing up and trick or treating with neighbors. I can even recall one year when we hosted a big Halloween party with several in attendance. After the trick or treating, bobbing for apples and the massive food fight with popcorn balls flying, my parents never hosted another Halloween party again. I picked up the tradition years later when I had children of my own. Our family members would come over for hot bowls of chili, sugar cookies and trick or treating. A few years ago we moved a town over and started the tradition of visiting Disneyland on Halloween. The entire park is decorated, characters are in costume and they completely transform the Haunted Mansion into The Nightmare Before Christmas theme. The kids even dress in costume and we have so much fun. My children get excited every year now for Halloween and so do I. They get a kick out of how I decorate the house and this year I added some fun new stuff. Check out these before and after pics of my fire mantle. Oh, and stay tuned as I will show you my outdoor decorations soon.



I used some books found around the house and covered them in some Close To My Heart background and texture papers.

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