Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Goodies!

I was a busy little bunny yesterday preparing some yummy Easter goodies! The first are for Easter as well as my son's Birthday. He asks for dirt cake every year, but I've never made them with bunnies and chicks! Dirt cake is a wonderful mixture of pudding, whipped topping and crushed cookies.

I made a batch with chocolate pudding and oreos. There the ones with pink bunnies on top. {Oh, no!} Look what those bunnies left behind?

The other batch were made with banana cream pudding and crushed graham crackers. On top are cute little chicks and eggs!

There are some other surprises to be found down in the dirt!!

Next, a treat to share with family and friends. White chocolate popcorn with M&M candies. I found the recipe for this quick and simple treat at the Scissors & Spatulas Blog. It's really good and can be very addicting! I dressed up the bags with organdy ribbon and a bubble blowing bunny tag. How cute is that?

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Dawn said...

Too cute, I love the popcorn idea and who can get enough of that bunny stamp! ;O) Great job on the pudding pie to, that sounds delicious and oh so festive!