Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twilight & Johnny Bracelets

For all of you Twilight fans and those that really admire Johnny Depp {like me *grin*} I have a treat for you today!! I finally got around to this project. I saw a video making dog tags and using resin from the fabulously creative Tresa Black. I suppose the hold up was just being scared of using resin. It's not so bad, I think I've got the hang of it and ready to go wild with it on more projects!! I knew I wanted to create a bracelet and found these at Hobby Lobby from the Jewelry Shoppe Findings. The trickiest part was finding the images me and my daughter wanted and then figuring out how to print them super small. Once that was done and they all fit in their squares I secured them with a little liquid glass. After mixing the resin and pouring into each compartment they rested for about 24 hours. My daughter chose to do characters from Twilight. It might end up in my jewelry box from time to time ; )

My daughter was being my little wrist model. Thank you sweetie!

My bracelet was a no brainer. I'm not at all obsessed with Johnny, I just really admire his acting abilities!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Whatever! I went back to some early days of Edward Scissorhands, included Sweeney Todd, Willie Wonka, Mad Hatter and my very fave character Captain Jack Sparrow! Oh, I shall wear it proudly!


Lisa Fowler Windsor, CO said...

What a cool idea! Love, love, love your bracelet especially! I'm a Johnny fan too!

Stamp Happy with Karen said...

Hello Amy! I love your blog and check out your site often! I wanted you to know that I'm giving you the "Stylish Blogger Award". Check out my blog, I hope you play along :)

twilight merchandise said...

Impressive! I can say that Twilight bracelet has become a total hit not because of the movie but also because of its authenticity and beautiful craftsmanship.

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