Friday, April 8, 2011

Mayberry Bunny Boy

Here are some sweet little Easter cards made with some left over scraps of Mayberry paper and the most darling little bunny boy stamp. I would love to share with you how these cards were created. It all started with some left over scraps of Mayberry papers from my "home" banner workshop this past Wednesday. {thanks Pat!} I tend to accumulate a huge bag full of scraps and hate to waste anything. So you gotta get creative!

I trimmed the triangular pieces down into squares using up a good portion of the paper. I then trimmed 3 of the corners and mounted them on colonial white card stock as shown~

** Picture Tutorial **

How to water color an open image stamp without smearing the outline.

Some of you may already know this technique. It happens to be my favorite way to water color an open image stamp and I avoid getting that smearing or bleeding from the darker outside line.

1. Stamp your image in a light ink color. If I am using browns I will use Bamboo ink like I did for this project. If I am using black I will first stamp in a light gray.

2. Using a waterbrush pen and ink fill in your image. Here I used Bamboo for the bunny's body and just a dab of Smoothie for his ears and nose.

Sky blue for his jacket. They are looking pretty blah right now...

The final step is to stamp your outline over the entire image. Ahhh, the beauty of clear stamps! Now you can really see Bunny Boy. That final outline of Cocoa ink really brings him to life and no smears! See the difference.

He's so cute now and ready to go hopping down the bunny trail!!

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Wow they are so cute and thanks for sharing the tip on restamping with outline. Great idea.