Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Time {BFF} Project

These two sweet girls have been the best of friends since 3rd grade. Sadly, my daughters BFF moved to another state in the summer before 4th grade. Luckily, she comes back to town to visit her grandparents in the winter and summer and makes sure to stop by for a short visit. Even though they are separated for a couple months at a time, they pick right up where they left off. Always full of giggles, they enjoy every minute together and never a teeny tiny disagreement between them, EVER!

To remember there time together I always take photo's and we come up with a little project to keep. This time we used pieces from the Mix-N-Mingle album.

This is the chaos after the creative process and what is left for me to clean up, because they want to spend every moment together hanging out!

This is my daughter's friends frame~

My daughters frame with lots of bright colors~

This is what we chose for the backs of them both~

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