Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making Jewelry & Such

A brief detour from playing with paper! I do enjoy learning new crafts and expanding my creativity in various hobbies. I was looking up some videos on resin and using it to create jewelry items as well as this key chain. I found the metal base for it at Hobby Lobby. I used the Hope for Japan stamp or what I refer to it as my "Bon Jovi" heart stamp. {I used it for some Bon Jovi concert scrap pages!}

There are lots of tutorials out there for these washer necklaces. I was waiting on my hubby to find what he needed at Home Depot one day and they were calling my name. Super inexpensive and crafty cool!

Finally, Hobby Lobby also had these great ring bases. I knew there were lots of crafty gals out there creating fun button rings with these. My daughter wanted one to match her dress for a wedding we recently attended. How fitting that the black and purple will transition so well into Halloween too!

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