Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skull Charms

I kind of fell in love with these Skull Charms from Jolee's Boutique. Ideas to use them kept coming to me!

My first thought and first project was to turn them into wine/martini glass charms. I just needed some craft wire, beads and wire tool.

The back of the charms are self adhesive so I simply stuck the wire to the back, covered the remaining surface with some cardstock, then added beads to both ends.

I created a loop closure on the back so that I can easily remove the charm before washing. Great way to dress up those glasses!

I also used one of the little charms on my table to decorate this cake stand. I just made a bow of black ribbon and stuck the charm in the middle.

My daughter and her best friend were playing games while I was creating the wine glass charms, so I thought I would surprise them with some rings. Like the wine charms I strung some elastic wire with the black beads. Instead of cardstock to back them I used a piece of black silk so they would feel more comfortable on their little fingers!

My final project was to take more of that black silk and make some hair bows with it. My daughter and I both made one. I showed her how to do it as I made mine, then she did hers all on her own. I gave her some tweezers though to burn the edges in the candle flame. There was only one wild mishap, but it was quickly under control!! {Did you know that if you drop fabric in the wax of a scented candle that it will smell like the candle? Mmmm...smells good, who knew!!}

My daughter's bow is the one on the right. She let her edges curl more, they look so good! I like how hers turned out more!! They have little alligator clips on the back so they are easy to clip in your hair, add it to a blazer or cardigan, or even a necklace!

Don't you just love when you find a product that can be used in so many ways!!

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Karen Clark said...

So creative. Your daughter is going to grow up with some wicked skills!!