Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Frames

Back in May I purchased these wood frames in the most darling shapes. {Pick Your}They are a naked wood and ready to be stained or painted. I figured it would be a great summer time project for my daughter and I. She has recently out grown some of the posters she had on her bedroom wall and we needed to fill in the empty space. She picked out all her own colors, bright, just like her personality!

She and I sat down to paint them all and then I sprayed on the clear lacquer finish. "Mom, make sure you're making nice paint strokes and getting even coverage!"  "Yes, dear!" :)

The next day she had her best friends over for a fun photo shoot! She decided to print the pictures in black & white since the frames were colorful enough! Dad helped her get them up on the wall and she can easily take them down to change out the pictures when she wants to.

That was a fairly simple project to keep her busy for a week this summer. Now what will we do next week?!!

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Pat Oliver said...

How fun! They look great.