Thursday, September 5, 2013

Laughing Lola Card Kit

Let's talk about card kits! The Autumn/Winter Idea Book offers two Workshop on the Go card kits. The first is Laughing Lola that works perfectly for a variety of occasions. The second is the Frosted kit that is great for the Holiday season. These card kits come with just about everything you need to create 15 beautiful cards. You will need the recommended inks and some basic tools to complete them. Everything else is provided including: D-size stamp set, B&T duos papers, cardstock, card base and envelopes, embellishments and a how-to instructional brochure.

With everything provided you simply cut, stamp and assemble! You can create your cards exactly as instructed in the brochure or feel free to add your own touches to the cards to personalize each one. That is what I did here with the Laughing Lola kit.

This is a sample of the cards exactly as directed per the brochure~

There are 3 different designs and you will make 5 of each, giving you a total of 15 cards. In the picture above I have shown the cards as they are in the brochure starting with card 1 on the left, card 2 in the middle and card 3 on the right. As you scroll down you will see how I changed each design just slightly giving it a different appearance. Perhaps I flipped  the B&T paper, substituted another color cardstock, stamped another color ink or varied the embellishment. Each one is unique and I can guarantee that not one recipient will get the same card!

Let's talk about value! Not only are you creating 15 cards with the best papers and embellishments provided in the kit, but you are also getting a D-size stamp set to keep and reuse for many more projects. The retail value of the kit is $36.78, but you pay only $24.95! That's a savings of $11.83!

Laughing Lola Kit G1064
Frosted Kit G1063

These kits can be ordered through me or on my website here.

Come back soon and I will show you some ideas I created with the Frosted Card Kit!

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