Monday, July 27, 2009

Just For Fun!

"One Word"

{You can play this too, just cut and paste, add your own response and paste into your blog…}

you're feeling: happy

to your left: calendar

on your mind: vacation

last meal included: tortellini

you sometimes find it hard to: workout

something you have a collection of: stamps {not the kind you lick and stick on an envelope!}

a smell that cheers you up: holidays {especially candles related to familiar holiday scents}

a smell that can ruin your mood: bad breath

how long since you last shaved: today

the current state of your hair: messy

the largest item on your desk/workplace right now (not computer): keyboard

your skill with chopsticks: alright

which section you head to first in the bookstore: children's

something you're craving: cheescake {white chocolate raspberry, yum}

your general thoughts on politics: untrustworthy

how many times you've been hospitalized this year: zero

a favorite place to go for quiet time: bathtub

you've always secretly thought you'd be a good: dancer {not sure it's a secret though}

something that freaks you out a little: power bill!!

something you've eaten too much of lately: sweets

you have never: sky~dived

you never want to be: alone

Please let me know if you posted this quiz on your Blog too!

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