Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Update!

Back in June I posted a gift I created for one of my customers expecting her second child ... a baby girl. She was just weeks away from her due date and the joyful arrival came very soon.

After a break from Scramp Club to care for the new baby she graced us with her presence. No one was more thrilled of the visit than my daughter. She absolutely adores babies and pets and is a natural care-giver. Baby Reagan curled right up in my daughter's arms and took a little nap. It's moments like these that make scrapbooking a must! How cute are they?

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di crawford said...

Thanks for such a great day, Amy. Reagan was spoiled by such a good "mama" in Pahrump. Didja see Jeannette's blog yet? There's a great idea on there that made me think of you using envelopes for cds. Lots of good ideas. Barely any money. Me likey.