Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inspired Birdie #16

There was a very unique photo for inspiration on the Inspired By Blog this week. Since it's "embossing" week at Heart 2 Heart, I also decided to do some more embossing on my card.

 Inspiration Photo

I figured this bird would be great to emboss and the chalks would fill it in beautifully. I was inspired to add a bird to my project, because I am keeping an eye on two grey doves in my backyard. As we were trimming the palm leaves a couple weekends ago I noticed the nest and two little eggs inside. We left a few palm leaves to protect them. They hatched last week and momma bird is taking care of them. My beagle knows there is something up in the tree and will bark repeatedly at the momma bird when she sits on the nearby fence. I continue to bring my dog back inside and give the birds some peace and quiet!

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Laurel said...

Gorgeous card, love the subtle colors!