Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twelve on the 12th!

I love the inspiration found on Dear Lizzy and thought this was a wonderful idea. Capture 12 photo's from your day on Monday, March 12th and post them. Not much happening around the home this day. The kiddo's return to school after a busy weekend {see previous post!}, so that means I get some time to clean up & re-organize! Oh don't worry, I had a little time to craft too!

1. Breakfast 2. Workout 3. Organize Closet & 4. Do Laundry 5. Check on Momma Bird in the Backyard 6. Take Photo's for upcoming post 7. Fold Laundry 8. Play in my Craft room 9. More Organizing (this always occurs after a Birthday) 10. Discover Children Sneaking Peeps before Dinner 11. Yum! Orange Chicken for Dinner 12. Watch Beagle Play in the yard before sunset!

Be sure to stop by Dear Lizzy and see the other amazing photo's captured on the 12th!

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