Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Crush Goes Camping!

When our family goes on vacation in the summer we tend to be away for at least a week if not longer. I snap several pictures along the way and come home with a full SD card to download and then to scrapbook. It can be a little daunting to organize all the photo's and remembering every detail. Do you experience this also?

Wouldn't it be simple to scrapbook the pictures as you travel? That's what My Crush books are all about! My daughter and I recently put this concept into practice.

We did some camping at the Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park. My daughter took her Instax camera she received for her Birthday a couple years ago. I brought along a little canvas bag containing My Crush Bluebird Book with accessories, journal pen, washi tape and adhesive.

We explored our surroundings and snapped a few pictures here and there. The Instax camera is most ideal to use outdoors with bright lighting. However, if you prefer to snap pics on your smart phone there are several portable printer options on the market.

{photo's via Amazon}

Here are some shots of my daughter being a little photographer. {She captured the adorable domesticated Beagle in the wild! Oh My!}

Once we had a couple pictures, we took out all of our supplies and the My Crush book. My daughter sat at the little table in our camper and began to put together a couple of pages. She had a great view of the outdoors which helped inspire her creating and still had all the details fresh in her mind!

As you can see~

1. You don't need a big tote full of supplies.
2. Your workspace can be just a small table. {work on the bed or floor even!}
3. It doesn't require a lot of time taking you away from your vacation.
4. Your scrapbooking is complete when you get back home and the details recorded!

She also found some unique feathers while we were hiking. She added these to the book with some Washi tape. You can Crush most anything, not just your pictures!

The new Annual Inspirations book has added more My Crush books and accessories. See them all and order here.

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Try it for yourself! If you Crush it, you will Love it!

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