Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Wreath

We have lived in our home now for over 5 years and I am still creating little items of decor to display here and there. I feel that home made crafts really make a house a home!

This week on H2H we were challenged to create something with either faux or real stitching. Why not both, or maybe 3 types of stitching!

To make the pennants I cut pieces of B&T paper that measured 3 x 8 inches. I folded them in half and then cut on an angle to create the triangle, leaving the folded edge at the top. I then used a stamp to create the look of stitching and pierced holes through the paper at the dotted sections. This is the first type of faux stitching I did.

Then I got out my little handy dandy sewing machine to do some real stitching.

I strung some twine through the middle of each pennant and glued the triangles together. I then glued some colonial white organdy ribbon to the tops of the pennants in a pleated fashion and then used a creme brulee grosgrain ribbon on the tops of that. Now comes the sewing and lots of patience. This was a lot of layers for my little machine to go through, but after awhile I got it all stitched together. By using real stitching on this section it created a stronger bond for the banner. It was finished with some threaded buttons on each corner.

The final stitching technique is also a faux stitch. This one is super easy and fun. It also gives that perfect finishing touch to my letters. After tracing chipboard letters onto card stock I cut them out, sponged the edges and then used the fine tip of the marker making small dash marks around the edges. This gives a colorful stitched look.

The letters were finished off with some brads and ribbons. I used a thin hemp to tie the letters to the wreath to make them more secure.


Melissa Laverty said...

Amy this is awesome! Your artwork is fantastic!

Katy said...

This is so CUTE, Amy!!! I just LOVE wreaths and can't wait to try this version!