Monday, October 25, 2010

Krafts for the Kids!

Halloween is almost here! We have been very busy the last couple of weeks! By "we" I mean my daughter and I. She is my little shadow and has a creative soul just like her mom. I certainly can't leave her out of all the crafts and fun this season.

For this final week leading up to Halloween night I will share all the crafts her and I have created. There will be decorations for ourselves and our home!

Our first fun project are these clever beaded necklaces. They are so easy and inexpensive. I found a giant bag of wooden beads in assorted colors and sizes. Some of the smaller beads were just a brown wood so I strung them on some thread and painted them black first. Then you just string your beads to your desired length. Leave some space between them so you can tie funky ribbons on. Finally, I used rub-ons for the "Trick or Treat" and "boo". I used some clear nail polish over them to seal it and prevent the rub-ons from rubbing off!

Here she is modeling them to give you an idea of the length.

...and here they are just laid out on a table.

So spooktacular & fashionable, all the witches are wearing them this season!

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Carla said...

These are so fun! My kids would love these!