Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fabric Singed Flowers

Yesterday I shared with you the fun beaded necklaces that my daughter and I made. Well, today is Mom's turn to play. This is certainly more "grown up" jewelry. However, I can guarantee you that my daughter will be begging and batting her lashes to borrow them!

The fabulous Close To My Heart consultant Tresa Black shared this craft on her U-Stream class a few weeks ago. You can see the tutorial here. I'll admit that I was a bit intimidated at first and thought...."I'll never be able to do that". I was a good student though and really paid attention and now I want to make more in every color I can find!!

The first one is similar to the colors Tresa used. I stamped black Staz On ink on a light gray satin fabric. She made her flower a bracelet, but I chose to make mine a necklace. I'll be able to wear this with several outfits.

The gold flower came about from my daughter's left over school project. I did not stamp on the fabric at all and just singed them to create the petals. The best surprise was to discover that as the edges singed it turned a toasty color giving the entire flower more dimension and interest. I created a bracelet for it to rest upon. The colors of gold and cream will look gorgeous with those Holiday outfits.

Here my daughter is modeling it. It does not look nearly as large on my wrist, but with a stretchy band her or I can wear it comfortably.


Sheila Bennett said...

Great necklace! Really like how you mounted the flower off to the side. And I bet the necklace will be very comfortable to wear because the flower will be so lightweight.

tabithakristine said...

There's a growing trend among college-aged girls (apparently) with these flowers. You should try mounting them on headbands--you could definitely sell them! Also, your decor is so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)