Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going on an Egg Hunt

Our recent, but short lived warm weather inspired this Spring card. I saw the idea from another consultant and wanted to give it a try. I used some of the new Miracle papers and some older B&T papers in a soft smoothie color. One of the fun new products this season are the canvas badge buttons. It's like water-coloring on a tiny little round canvas. You can stamp on them, water brush or use markers. I did all three on this one! And, Yes... those are the tiniest little roses. Made just like the regular sized ones you begin with a square of paper, cut a spiral, then roll it up. These roses begin with a 1x1 inch square. Your fingers must be very nimble! They are finished with a teeny pearl.

Here is the card when it is pulled open.

Check back all week as I will show more projects with floral's and blooms. This weekend I will host a Spring card exchange which also has a "floral" theme. Those cards will be posted as well, I can't wait to see them all!

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