Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I have no artwork to share with you today. Now that I no longer have children in Elementary school I have no little projects to create and share. I did however make one of my favorite meals from our favorite Irish Pub in Vegas. Traditionally I would make corned beef and cabbage, but we sort of craved it earlier and ate that last week. This is the "healthier" side of Irish cuisine. Broiled salmon, roasted tomato, steamed asparagus and mash. It melts in my mouth every time. A hard cider draft beer accompanies it perfectly. I had to settle for out of the bottle tonight, but this weekend I may indulge in some ice cold draft at a new Pub just opening today!
Have a lucky, delicious day!

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Trisha Morton said...

Looks delish, Amy! Hope you had a fabulous St. Pats!