Thursday, March 7, 2019

Waiting for the Mail

In today's age of technology we can get in touch with our friends and family in an instant. Imagine waiting on the mail to communicate with your loved ones! That has been my experience for the past 12 weeks. My son departed for Marine Boot Camp the week before Christmas. He left his cell phone at home and we knew to expect only one phone call from here to notify us that he arrived at base safely. From then on we could only communicate through "snail mail". Can you remember the last time that you had to wait on a letter to arrive in your mailbox? It has been difficult, but I never have been so excited to get the mail!

To capture this moment I made a pocket scrapbook layout similar to the ones I make every year for the Christmas cards I received. This layout will hold the letters that he sent us throughout the several weeks that he has been gone. We are officially only a week away to seeing his face again and giving him a great big hug!

You will recognize some of the embellishments from some leftovers I had from the Craft with Heart layout from January. I also used some border stamps and the Erin's Hand alphabet stamp.

Be sure to preserve those treasured memories whether its your favorite photos or the long-awaited letter in the mail! Thanks for stopping by!

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