Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Event

Look at all of these Fabulous Christmas cards!

Yesterday was my Christmas card exchange and club event! There was a total of 9 cards exchanged and each was unique and beautiful. I will show close ups of each card this week.

We also had a secret Christmas ornament exchange. Ornaments could be made from any medium the artist desired and each was a different and fun idea. I will also show them in a future post very soon!

Ladies were welcome to bring a goodie to share before sitting down to create our December Back to Basics pages that I posted on Friday. These gals always go above and beyond, here's a list of the treats:

* Ham and sweet dill roll ups
* Artichoke spinach dip
* Graham cracker and chocolate chip dip
* Spicy saltines with a cool ranch dip
* Peanut clusters
* Chocolate cupcakes
* Pumpkin chocolate chip bread
* Cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie bites

As you can see, we had lots of goodies to munch on!

Here is the treat that I made to share: Elf Food!

These baking cups were filled with all of the Elves favorite treats:
* Chocolate covered pretzels {Flipz}
* Frosted cheerios
* Mini marshmallows
* Yogurt covered raisins
* Yogurt covered pretzels
* White candy coated M&M's

{toasted marshmallow jelly beans can also be added, but I was not able to find any in my small town stores!}

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Anonymous said...

Those cards are Super great! BUT that Graham Cracker chocolate chip dip
sounds scrumptious!! Do you have the recipe or picture of that? :O)