Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Friday

Just for fun I wanted to share a couple pictures with you on this lovely Friday! Earlier this week a friend surprised me with a belated Birthday gift. She has been crafting with me for over a year now and slowly building her craft supplies. She took advantage of this month's double stamp promotion but did the same last year as well. She made this adorable gift card and wrapped up her package so sweetly in the most beautifully bright yellow paper and ribbon.

Bicycles and "heart" jewelry! You know me so well dear friend, thank you! {**grin**}

I also wanted to share a fun picture of our pooch! My mom was doing some Halloween costume shopping for her poodles and did not want to leave out our dog. She sent this in the mail for her and we immediately tried it on. She was trying to be patient as you can see!

Like Yoda, our beagle is wise to remain patient for photographs! May the force be with you!

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