Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wicked Halloween Wreath

I have another Halloween wreath for you today, it's Wicked and awesome!

I was inspired by this wide, glittery ribbon I found at Walmart in the fabulous green & purple colors. To get started I used a foam wreath base and painted it black. {afterwards I discovered a cheaper way to make the foam wreath which I will share with you at the end of this post} Then I tied the ribbon around the ring by pulling the doubled up ribbon through a loop to the outside. Then I embellished it.

I used the fantastic black & white striped grosgrain ribbon to hang the wreath. I cut the "wicked" title on the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge then added some bling to the letters. The little bats were found at Michaels craft store (Recollections brand). I used some craft wire and attached it to the backs of the bat then using a straight pin secured the wire into the top of the foam wreath.

I will show you a super inexpensive way to make your own foam wreath. In your local hardware store you can find these foam tubes for insulating pipe. They come in various sizes and lengths. I chose a smaller width that was 6ft long. I cut it in half to measure 3ft which comes out perfect for a wreath. Shape it into a circle and duct tape the ends together. You can then spray paint it and cover it so that you no longer see the tape. In the craft stores these rings cost around $4.99 or higher. I paid .97 cents for the 6ft length and got 2 wreaths out of it! Now that's crafty and cost effective!!

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Karen Day said...

This is so cool! Clearly, you are the wreath queen.