Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ooooh! and Aaaah! in Tai Pan

While moving my mom into her new home this weekend, we took a break for lunch and shopping. My mother told me she was going to stop in this store and thought I would just love it. Well she was 100% correct. She took me into Tai Pan Trading Co. I have never even heard of this store before. It was decorated beautifully for the Holidays. The displays were filled to the brim with such wonderful and interesting items. If any of you out there in "blog land" live near one of these stores, I am so jealous. {If you are a frequent Tai Pan shopper please leave me a comment about the store and what it's like when it's not Halloween or Christmas.} I can't wait to visit my mom again in my own vehicle so I can haul some treasures back home with me. Check out just a few of the photo's I snapped in the store. These displays may spark your creativity for your own craft projects.

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