Friday, December 21, 2012

Gifts From the Heart

I am one of those people that really enjoys watching others open their gifts! Especially when it's a gift that was made from the heart, something special that was created with just that person in mind. Here are some ideas that you still have time to make!
A homemade ornament for the tree. I like to add something new to my tree every year. I make sure to put the date on the back so that each December when we pull out the ornaments we look at them and remember the prior years. My kids each have their own ornaments on the tree and one day when they have families of their own, they will take these ornaments to place on their own trees.
A set of cute gift bag tags/cards. Make them simple, but make them cute. These little cards become useful and the recipients with a homemade tag will appreciate the handmade touch.

Giving a gift card is a great choice for some of those on your list. Rather than just a card tucked away in a card, add the card and some homemade cookies to an inexpensive container. Homemade sweets are a great gift for those that don't cook or have the time to prepare goodies. I have some folks on my list that requests certain sweets & cookies every year! {I tried some new recipes this year that were delicious, I will share them with you soon!}

Speaking of packaging! This is a set of gifts I have already mailed off. I like to make them all coordinate. To do this I used some kraft wrapping, red twine and Santa tags.

I stamped directly on the paper a little clue to what they might find inside. Homemade gift from my home to theirs~

And some "fun" to be had in this package. There were also lots of cookies with the boxes stamped "freshly baked"!

Take a look at this wrapping. Using the kraft paper again, I wrapped some packages in teal twine and some in red. I made little postage like stamps and adhered them to the gift. {inspired by Pinterest of course!} However, I did not write who they are to and from! It has my kids baffled!!! They see them sitting there by the tree, but curiously wonder who they are for. Only momma knows the "color code"!!! {Boo-hoo-hoo, ha, ha, ha}

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