Friday, December 28, 2012

Lacey Boot Socks

Yesterday I shared with you the jar of vintage inspired spool ornaments I made for my sister. I mentioned that she had also hand crafted a gift for me. I prefer to play with paper, while she makes wonderful quilts and is pretty crafty with any fabrics or materials.

Back in November I emailed a picture of frilly boot socks I'd seen on Pinterest. I asked her if she could make these. Well, yes she can and they turned out soooo cute! She said it was a little tricky to sew the lace and ribbon, but eventually got the hang of it! That's good, because I want more in every color!!

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Karen Day said...

Cute! I haven't seen anything quite like these... my daughter is big into boot socks, so I have a couple of patterns to try knitting a few (this look faster!)