Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Gift Revealed

I created some handmade goods for my sister for Christmas. Now that Christmas is over and she has opened her gifts, I can share my creations with you. I made some paper crafts for her like a 3D snowflake ornament, set of cards and a scrapbook page, which she plans to add to a scrapbook I made for her a couple years ago. I'm happy to make these for her since she is not a "papercrafter", in fact she is a quilter. That's what inspired me to make these spool ornaments. I thought how cute they would be on her Christmas tree.

I found the little wooden spools at Michaels along with the toille paper. I wrapped the paper around the center then sealed them with some mod podge. The twine and beads were a bit tricky, but after some trial and error, and some hot glue I figured it out!

I will have to share what she made for me later! I simply emailed her a photo of something I was interested in and she made it. I love that we can share our different talents with one another! A homemade Christmas, my favorite!

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