Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Frames

I was inspired by some framed art posted on Close To My Heart's Facebook page. It was such a simple frame with a beautiful message for this Season! I decided to make frames for my family members at our recent gathering. There was a total of 6 frames, but 3 different designs. This way no one received a frame that was like anyone else!

All of the art was stamped using the Reason for the Season stamp set. This frame in walnut had some older Pear & Partridge paper in olive green with a hint of cranberry red card stock.

Here I used a black frame for those with homes decorated in darker tones. I loved the dark blue and grey color scheme with it!

Finally, I used the walnut frame again with some red Free to be Me paper and darker cocoa card stock.

You will also notice that some of the frames featured the wise men and the others showed the nativity scene.

These frames make a great homemade gift with very little materials needed and can be done with just a little bit of your time. To me it was worth it to create a gift from my heart to those I love and cherish all year long!

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Karen Day said...

Amy, these are AMAZING!